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Some CD Covers


A selection of CDs with WOLF harps

The following selection of CDs with harps made or restored by the Swiss harp maker Beat Wolf are available in good music-shops or online. Listen to the sound samples by clicking the blue links.


  • ANDREW LAWRENCE-KING & L. Dean „Amor ist mein Lied“ Bach, Müthel etc.; Louis XVI-Harp WOLF. Christophorus CHR 77182
  • NAOKO YOSHINO: Mozart concerto for flute & harp; Nikolaus Harnoncourt. Louis XVI-harp WOLF. Teldec 3984-21476-2
  • MASUMI NAGASAWA: Mozart concerto for flute & harp; Ensemble Schönbrunn. Louis XVI-harp WOLF. GLOBE  GLO 5213
  • MARA GALASSI: Salon de femmes; French music of the 18th century in Petersburg with „Musica Petropolitana“  Opus 111 OP 30-299
A selection of CDs with Masumi Nagasawa

The famous harpist Masumi Nagasawa has recorded a wide repertoire of single action harp music and she is working continuously on new projects. She plays different original harps.


  • MASUMI NAGASAWA: “Amuse” Music for single & double action pedal harp. Naderman, Spohr, Corri, Rameau etc. ET’CETERA KTC 1263
  • MASUMI NAGASAWA, A. Bernardini: “Souper Galant” Wolter-Harp & Baroque-Oboe; Bach, Abel, Schaffrath. ET’CETERA KTC1293
  • MASUMI NAGASAWA: "Amusette Douce" Six sonatas by Naderman on a Naderman single-action harp 1815. ET'CETERA KTC1341
  • MASUMI NAGASAWA “L’arome de l’est” Spohr, Cardon, Glinka etc. on Erard single action harp, London no.1423. ET’CETERA KTC1362
  • MASUMI NAGASAWA "Mozart Early Sonatas" on Wolter s.-a.-harp, with violin. ET'CETERA KTC 1404


Some more exciting CDs

Some other famous harpists with extraordinary recordings:


  • ISABELLE PERRIN: Oeuvres pour la harpe à simple mouvement: F. A. Boieldieu. Pavane ADW 7435
  • CANTICA SYMPHONIA „QUADRIVIUM“ Motets by Dufay, Gothic Harp WOLF, in ensemble. GLOSSA GCD P31901
  • ANN FIERENS & Anne Cambier “Marie-Antoinette & ses Airs” Soprano and harp by Louvet. CATALPA 2007-1
  • SANDRINE CHATRON "Le Salon de Marie-Antoinette" on a single-action harp by Erard no.7 of 1799. AMBROISIE AM179
  • VIRGINIE TARRÊTE "Duo Sébastien Erard" Jadin, Dussek, Pleyel; on Erard harp, no.8 of 1805 with Erard pianoforte. www.pianoforteadlibitum.org