Beat Wolf, harp maker, harp restorer, born in Schaffhausen, Switzerland:
I am maker of early instruments in my own studio since 1976. My work was accompanied by musical activities from pop, jazz to baroque music, but mainly with a Renaissance-consort and (until 2002) early folk music with » TRITONUS.
Harp maker
since 1980: replicas, copies and restoration of early harps with large experience. Further education in building and restoring techniques and my own harp archives enrich my knowledge. Harp expert service and science support for museums and your own harp-collection.
From 2016 retirement and transfer of my knowledge to my successors.

In these last 40 years while I was engaged in early musical instruments I have made:
hurdy-gurdies, 23 different stringed instruments (e.g. Aeolian harps, rebec, cittern), 2 regal-organs, 28 wind-instruments (cromornes, baroque-oboes) and 60 harps (including 18 Louis XVI-harps). I also restored or conserved 72 original harps.
In the first 25 years I gave around 320 concerts with different music-groups. Then I had to stop making music because harp making needed my full time. I held about 30 lectures on exhibitions or symposiums.
In the very last years I have voiced nearly 20'000 school-recorders at KÜNG because of the Euro-crisis.

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