The Wolf studios

First workshop in 1976: I was extremely curious and so became familiar with all kinds of sound production. I have built rebecs, tromba marina, crumhorns and finally even the regal. But the main thing was to produce various types of hurdy-gurdies.


In 1981 I found a larger space. That’s where I built the Gothic Harp. To create a larger harp model I studied some Hook Harps in various museums. Therefore I developed my own semitone levers. At the same time I started to make Baroque Oboes.


In 1987 I opened a Harp-Shop in the old town of Schaffhausen. Thus I sold also harps of industrial manufacturing, as well as sheet music, strings and records. I started doing restorations on harps: mainly Erard double-actions and some single-actions too.

As a large-scale project in 1992 I produced my first Louis-Seize-Harps. To save time for that I closed the store again. At the same time I could make a lot of restorations. Collaboration with museums has become more important.


2002 a removal into the green: I can make a good few of Louis-Seize-Harps and restore a range of single-action harps. There is an enormous sense of pleasure to work for famous harpists and sometimes I receive a new CD recorded with my harps. My harp archives are constantly growing and are of great help for examinations. I could already buy some old harps, so now I have tackled the restoration of my Hochbrucker-Harp.


Retirement – Business-Transfer 2016

With my retirement 2016 I transfered my knowledge to my successors:

  • The construction of the Louis XVI-Harp is now taken over by Dario Pontiggia, Milano.  
  • The construction of the Small Harp and Gothic Harp is now taken over by Peter Demmerle, Schaffhausen.  
  • The restoration of early harps will be taken over by  Peter Demmerle, Schaffhausen and Dario Pontiggia, Milano.

Early Oeuvres