TIMELINE of pedal harps

The TIMELINE about the history of the single action harp

Here you can find my current "Timeline" as a pdf for download. However you are asked to accept that this timeline can never meet the demand of completeness. For the purpose of simplification only the most important aspects are recorded.


» TIMELINE pedalharps pdf



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Some interesting links:
Harps at Harp Spectrum: Site from U.S.A.
ERARD-Dokumente (franz. / engl.)
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Some more informative files:
The Louis XVI-Harp pdf
One of the first pedal harps: J. Hochbrucker pdf
Music / tutors for single-action harps  pdf

» My comments on Erard's 1821 brochure  pdf 

Double-action system after the patent by Charles GRÖLL, 1807. Here just a simple trial in plywood, without the necessary rolls.

THE HARP CATALOGUE of the Instrumentenmuseum Berlin

The harp catalogue of the Musikinstrumentenmuseum Berlin

The descriptional catalogue by Prof. Dr. Dagmar Droysen-Reber and Beat Wolf has grown to a splendid illustrated book and may be praised - with good conscience - currently as the most complete encyclopaedia of early harps. It is available only in German language, but the more than 300 detailed illustrations will speak enough to arouse enthusiasm. A glossary translates technical terms into English.

ISBN 3-922378-18-8

Available at: Musikinstrumenten-Museum Berlin / Phone 0049 (0)30 254 81 0.  » Museum Shop


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