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DVD "Building a Louis XVI harp"

Documentary film by Elizabeth Reta on the reconstruction of a historical pedal harp in the studio of Swiss harp maker Beat Wolf.

The film-intro was recorded at the International Harp Exhibition 2001 in Lucerne. The film shows all steps of work for the single action harp in 7 stages: from wood storing over all the wood works up to varnishing; further from all metal work for pedals and mechanism up to the finished instrument, which is finally rehearsed by a harpist.

Elizabeth Reta succeeds to transform the traditional handcraft adequately into an atmospheric film without any squiggles. The concept follows to a large extent the dogme 95.

Elizabeth Reta was born in Buenos Aires, where she visited the School of Art. Since 1993 the versatile artist lives in Switzerland. She paints and creates collages, objects and jewelry. She also worked with Radio and TV. Beat Wolf made the first replicas of the Louis XVI harp in the world.

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ORDER for a cheap Price EUR 15.— incl. p&p (Europe only):

Send envelope with 15-EURO in notes and your address to:

  • Beat Wolf, Alpenstrasse 130, CH-8203 Schaffhausen
  • Large orders for Schools, museums, trade etc. ask: Beat Wolf
DVD details

The target audience will be amateurs and harpists, museums, libraries and music schools. The DVD is not a making advice.

The sound-track is played by Masumi Nagasawa : Mateo Albéniz (1755−1831) Sonata en Ré.

Live music is played by Masako Shinto during her visit in the studio: Mikhail Glinka (1804 – 1857): Nocturne.

DURATION 30 min + slideshow

FORMAT 4:3 PAL; CODE 0/all; LANGUAGE German, SUBTITLES in French and English.

BOOKLET of 12 p. in German, French and English with illustrations.

EXTRA: Large slide-show of original harps of the era of Marie-Antoinette.

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